Artist Statement

Alone in the landscape is where I’m most comfortable working. It is important in my creative process to slow down, observe for a while, and wait until the light and moment are really right. At heart, I’m a documentarian. I still believe in photography’s magical ability to record reality, whatever that may mean to each of us. I like how, as a photographic artist, the world outside is your medium. I think that there is real beauty in distilling the chaos of our visual world down to a essence or feeling. I am passionate about finding and photographing a slice of the world that can convey something beyond itself, or a universal theme. I also believe in the power of beauty in photography. I don’t shy away from it, and I truly love the hunt for beauty in unlikely places. However, I also strive for contrasting feelings like melancholy and serenity. Beautiful isolation is a theme that I think about quite often, and is one that drives my creative process. My work is about being present with nature and embracing the full spectrum of emotions that arise when one is faced with vast power and uncertainty.    

Matt Propert - Photographer / Editor.

Matt Propert - Photographer / Editor. California based.
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